Friday, June 6, 2008

Still Learning How to Do This Blogging Thing

Well, a few days have passed and really not much has been going on except sick, sick kids. After spending 4 days settling in, we decided it was time to have some fun, so we went to Carowinds, a huge amusement park. We went on Friday, May 30th and wouldn't you know Brock was teething that day and running a fever. Not a lot of fun for him, but we still went in to the park. The older kids had a great time, we went on all of the kiddie rides and a few more, and kiddie land was pretty large.

The following day Aimee ran a fever for about a day and a half, it came with a sour throat. I watched her close and it seemed to start getting better, so no trip to the doctor and no Strep. On Sunday night Ashley came down with the same thing, and it lasted just as long as Aimee's. So, I am pretty sure that they just got the same thing and hopefully it is overwith by now. Brady and Brock seem to be doing fine, so hopefully this week we can head out and do more.

We have checked out a few parks nearby and have a community swimming pool that we plan on spending a lot of time at this summer, with many friendly neighbors who have called to invite us. We went to the nearest library yesterday and after learning about all of the story times and reading challenges for the summer we attempted to leave after getting our new library card. While Mom was doing that Aimee and Brady set out to mess with the electric handycap doors and made a spectacle of themselves, embarrasing me completely...oh-well, that what happens to moms all the time right?, Please say yes, that I am not the only one.

So, today is national doughnut day, so later I think we will head over to the nearest Krispy Cream and pick up a free doughnut for everyone! Being students we love anything that comes free!

We went to church last Sunday and met a lot of really friendly people and enjoyed ourselves very much, we look forward to getting together each Wednesday with a play group from the ward for lunch and playing and getting together on many occasions with the Jessop's, the other family from BYU doing their internship here at The Bank (that is how everyone refers to Bank of America in Charlotte) as well.

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