Monday, September 1, 2008

New School Year, (Last One for Jason)

Yes, we are officially starting the second and last school year for Jason tomorrow. What an amazing trip this has been so far, everything and I do mean everything has fallen into place soooo well for us, up to this point. I can't help but know that the Lord's hand is in our lives and the decisions that we make, the people that we meet and the experiences that we come across.

We had an exceptional time in Charlotte, North Carolina this past summer. Some of the wonderful people that we met are as follows and in no particular order... Janice and Ron Roach and boys, Bonnie and Phil Erhardt, Scott and Michelle Jolley, Dave and Jenn Softley and girls, Doug and Blythe Gunson, Jeremy and Jenn Mordock, Svetlana and Dragon and Phillip ?, and babysitter Polly Hibbard. I am sure that there are some names that I have mistakenly left off, please don't be affended. We love you all and enjoyed getting to know you and hope that we can keep in touch through the years ahead, whether we end up back in Charlotte or not.

We are awaiting contact from Bank of America and should be hearing from them within the next couple of days. Jason has been told he will get an offer, it will just depend on what that is and some other factors that come in to play, like distance from family. I will just leave it at that for now.

Our drive home was interesting to some degree. I guess it depends on whether you would define it at interesting or entertaining.... We left on Saturday the 16th of August in the morning. We drove to some place in Kentucky and stayed the night. The following day we got in the car early and headed for St. Louis, Missouri. We saw the 'Gateway Arch', and then back in the car we went. Our plan was to drive as long as we could and then stop and stay somewhere for a rest. However, I got sick to my stomach, so I was no help driving. I spent the day sick and then finally at night fall threw-up in a bucket that I was smart enough to bring with us on the way home. At that point Jason was so sick of being in the car, after two days of driving, he made the decision to just keep on driving until we made it home. Well, we ended up driving all day, all night and half of the next day with a one hour pull over at an exit so that he could get some shut-eye for a little bit. I was mad that we couldn't stop, but the next day I was extremely thankful that he had decided to do that, because by noon the next day we were HOME! That never sounded so good!!!

You know, I had always wanted to drive across the country, now I am just thankful that I can say that I have and NEVER, EVER do it again... I hope.

So we start the chaos tomorrow, that of full time student (Jason), bus driver (me), ballarina (Aimee), Jazz Dancer (Ashley), Soccer Player (Brady), and busy as ever baby (Brock). Sounds crazy, but I am excited for this year (or the next eight or nine months), and I can't wait to see where we end up this time next year. I know that it will be different, but those who accept change, grow and that will be a good thing for our family!