Monday, June 16, 2008

Farmer's Market Trip

On Saturday the 14th of June we went to the Farmer's Market with our friends in the neighborhood, the Roach's, Janice, Ron, George and Graham. It was a lot of fun, a different experience than in Utah. (of course we don't make it a regular thing to go to the Farmer's Market in Utah).
We sampled all of the fresh produce to see if it was sweet or in Aimee's case just to take a taste of everything that she loves to eat! We has some homemade ice-cream, Chocolate and Banana from the 'John Deere' ice-cream guys. We also got giant cookies at the Bakery. It was a neat experience and we won't forget the fact that we came home with $40. of fresh produce to show for it.
Jason and I went on our first date here in the Charlotte area on Friday the 13th of June. We were lucky enough to be able to swap babysitting with the Jessop's the other internship family from BYU. (we will be doing it about twice a month). We went to a yummy restaurant in uptown (city-center) Charlotte, called 'Rock Bottom'. Our waitress was fantastic, honestly the best either of us have EVER had. We talked alot and I got to see the city for the first time since we arrived in Charlotte. I think it is clean and a very beautiful city.
It has been unseasonably hot here for the past week, I guess usually it only gets into the 90's (with the humidity making it feel about 5 degrees hotter) for about two weeks in August, however that is how we started out June. It is going to cool down into the 80's this comming week, the news reports.
I signed the kids up on a reading challenge at the library this past week, it lasts all summer and they get to earn prizes for all of the reading that they do, or I do with them.
Brady had his first hair cut since we have been here on Thursday evening. Jason decided to buzz him, he thought it would be cooler and less maintenance. The best part about it is that Jason did it with a beard trimmer! Yea, Brady had to sit patiently for about 45 minutes while Jason made sure it was all straight with no straglers.

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Jennifer said...


I'm so glad you were able to get out to the farmer's market over there. It's a fun thing to do. And I'm glad you guys are trading with the Jessops to be able to go out once in a while. It makes such a difference to have a friend close by to talk with and help out. I hope it cools down over there for you guys! Take care.