Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Getting Into the Swing of Things

The past few days have been filled with HOT, HOT, Heat, I don't know how else to explain it. I think finally we are on a downward turn with the temperature. Tonight ended with a thunderstorm, but there were very few rainshowers that came with it.

The last few days we have spent a few hours each day at a swimming pool, and we will be at another one tomorrow. We were invited by a family in our ward and they are having a lunch get together with a few of the moms and kids at their community pool, we are excited to go, because there will actually be a few kids our kids's ages.

Today we went to our community pool, not to swim, but to see what the swim teams do....here in North Carolina, most neighborhoods have a huge community pool and they have swim teams from very young ages up that compete against other community teams. It was neat to see and I think Ashley and Brady were a little amazed that kids their size or smaller were able to swim like that.

Another fun thing that happened today was that Brock figured out how to feed himself Cheerios. He was so excited and I got some pic's I will post soon.

I have met a lady from my neighborhood who has called me a few times to hang and she has two boys, George 5 and Graham 3, her name is Janice. She is really sweet and fun to be around. She reminds me of my friend Michelle McOmie, I don't know if it is the southern style or what (maybe it is the fact that she calls all the lady's by Miss) anyway it is very cute. So to her kids I am Miss Angie and so on.

This past Sunday at church I walked into the Primary room and was getting Brady settled and noticed a familiar face and I couldn't figure out who it was, but that I knew him. So, I asked Jason to go in and take a peek, he came out and told me that I knew him from the Credit Union I worked at, but that he didn't know his name either. Right then, this guy came out and said "Angie and ...." well, it turned out that it was Matt Neimann, and I managed him at one of the branches. He now works for Bank of America along with half of our ward. The church really does make this great big world we live in a lot smaller feeling. It is a good thing to go so far from home and run into familiar faces.

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