Friday, June 19, 2009

Welcome to the Midwest...tornado sirens and all!

Well we made it, yes we have now been here for one whole month and I am just finally getting around to updating things on our blog. I know that I haven't made any entries since last summer, but I now hope to make this a regular thing. Living away from our entire families and all of our 'Utah' friends, I will do my best to keep this thing up to date....(I promise, I think).

We survived the drive here (all 4 days of it), we even stopped off at Mount Rushmore on the way to see the largest man made sculpture in the world! We were amazed! Even the kids thought it was great and didn't understand exactly what it was, but now I am sure they won't ever forget what it is either. The Black Hills of South Dakota is truley a beautiful place and there is plenty to do and see there. I wish that we would have had at least one more day, but we saw what we could and then we moved on!

The first night in a hotel on the drive was in South Dakota and Brock decided to tackle the table in the hotel room and he just about lost to it. He ended up with a 1 1/2 inch gash in his forehead that luckily didn't pierce the skin deep enough to need stitches, in fact for being a cut, it really didn't even bleed either. It just left a goose egg the size of Texas right in the middle of his head and I am sure he will have a scar there for years to come.

After that first stop we were down to business. We made it to our new home 6598 Miami Trails Drive, Loveland, Ohio three days later.

Ohio is a beautiful place, and I can't help but always think about the pioneers and how they lived in this part of the country, the woods, the rivers, the wildlife, the beauty to take in everywhere! Did I mention that the first week here I was looking out my kitchen window and two deer just went walking right on through the backyard!! I go on morning walks, or jogs and see bunnies hopping across the neighborhood lawns and then just this week was on a bike ride with Brady and we came across a Turtle in the middle of the path that Brady decided to pick up because he wanted to bring it home and then it happened to 'wet' on him! The wild life is crazy, but we love it. All of us that is except Ashley, she seems to take issue with the increased amount of bugs than she is used to. The Lightning Bugs have to be here favorite (if there is one) so fun to watch in the evenings, until Brady decides to step on one and smoosh it across the pavement, just to see it glow.

Now the weather in this part of the land is another story, we heard the Tornado Sirens three times by the time we had only been here two weeks. Little did we know that meant things were really serious and we should be hanging out in our basement, instead we were out on the driveway watching the coolest storm move into town that we had ever seen!! Sort of like 'Something Wicked This Way Comes', it wasn't until later when a neighbor called us to tell us that she would take it upon herself to call and let us know when we should be moving downstairs for the time being. Our neighbors were probably all laughing at us, what a sight to see!

Well, the kids are keeping us hopping we are working on getting them into school for the fall, but this week Ashley finished her first set of Tennis Lessons, (we hope to do more this summer). She loved it and her coach said that she is truley a natural, so I guess we better keep up on this sport! I think we will focus on swim lessons next, since we will be spending nearly everyday at the neighborhood pool this summer.

Jason is at the Emergency room tonight with our little Aimee, who fell down on her arm and may have broken it. I am still waiting for the phone call to see what he finds out! I sure hope she isn't in a cast (I guess that would change the everyday at the pool situation for this summer, right?)

Jason was just recently called as the Elders Instructor and I was called to the Primary as a Sunbeam Teacher and Activity Days Leader. I am soooo excited, I get to work with Ashley at Activity Days and teach Aimee's class on Sundays!

This is quite a post, I look forward to keeping in touch with all of our friends and family where ever you may be.